Resource Hub

Welcome to your referral resources hub! As a part of our Referral Programme, we’ve prepared some handy assets to make sharing See Smart’s Vision Freedom a breeze.

All you need to do is copy, paste, and share! You’ll find tailored messages for various platforms, each designed to make your referral journey as smooth as possible.

WhatsApp Templates

Like a friend sharing a secret, WhatsApp gives your offer a personal touch. It feels exclusive and direct, perfect for close-knit communities.

Facebook Templates

Think of it as a megaphone in a busy marketplace. Your offer reaches a broad audience and can be shared among friends, spreading the word quickly.

Instagram Templates

It’s all about the visuals here. A stunning image of your offer can win hearts instantly. Ideal for younger, trend-loving folks.

LinkedIn Templates

Picture a professional networking event. Your business-related offer becomes a hot topic among professionals eager to succeed.

Email Templates

Like a tailor-made letter, your offer fits each recipient perfectly. Track responses and engage with interested folks directly.

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