Earn £100 For Every Successful Referral When You Join Our Affiliate Programme

When you register to be a referral partner you’ll start to get rewarded for sharing the message of See Smart!

All you need to do is copy, paste, and share! You’ll find tailored messages for various platforms, each designed to make your referral journey as smooth as possible.

How Does it Work?

Step 1 – Share & Invite

Simply share the message of See Smart with your network, and invite them to claim their FREE 60-Day Trial.

Remember to ask them to simply type your name on the registration form when they claim their FREE 60-day Trial when it asks who referred them.

Step 2 – You Both Win

Your friend gets their life transformed for the better, and you get £100 in your pocket from us as a thank you.

Once your friend completes their FREE 60-day trial, and when they decide to continue and sign up to any of our payment options you get rewarded! Simple!

Making Referrals Made Easy

We understand that you’re busy. That’s why we provide a library of copy-and-paste templates to help you share See Smart with others. Less work, more rewards!

No Caps, Limitless Earnings!

Earn £100 For Every Successful Referral When You Join Our Referral Programme. The more successful referrals you make the more you can earn

Share However You Like

Some of our most successful partners have shared the message offline too! Feel free to share the message at your gym or local club.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What is the See Smart's Vision Freedom Referral Programme?

The Referral Programme is a way for us to say thank you when our clients refer someone new to See Smart. If the referred individual signs up after their free 60-day trial, the referrer gets a £100 bank transfer!

How do I make a referral?

You can refer someone to See Smart in many ways! Tell them in person, send them an email, share on social media, or give them a brochure. The choice is yours.

When and how will I receive my referral reward?

Referral rewards are issued 30 days after your referral successfully signs up for a See Smart subscription. The rewards will be deposited into the account you used when signing up for See Smart.

Why do I need to wait 90 days for my reward?

This period allows the referred individual to complete their 60-day trial and decide if they want to continue with See Smart.

Can I refer more than one person?

Absolutely! The more, the merrier. You’ll receive a £100 reward for each person you refer who signs up after their trial.

What resources will you provide to help me make referrals?

We’re here to support you. We’ll provide brochures, success stories, informational videos, and even a script you can use when telling others about See Smart.

Why should I refer someone to See Smart?

Besides the £100 reward, referring someone to See Smart means you’re helping someone enjoy better vision without the need for glasses or surgery.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn from referrals?

No, there’s no cap on how much you can earn. The more successful referrals you make, the more you earn!

Can I refer someone who already had a free trial but did not sign up?

No, you cannot refer someone who has already gone through the free trial.

Can I use my referral reward to pay for my See Smart subscription?

Yes, you can choose to have the reward amount applied to your account as credit.

What happens if my referral cancels their subscription before the 90-day period?

If a referred individual cancels their subscription before the 90-day period, the referral reward would not be processed.

I referred someone, but I didn't receive my reward. What should I do?

If you believe there’s an error, please contact our customer support team at your local practice. We’ll help sort it out.

Can my referrals also refer others and get rewarded?

Yes, they can! Once they’re See Smart members, they’re eligible to participate in the referral programme.

How will I know when my referral has signed up?

You will receive a notification email when your referral successfully signs up for a See Smart subscription.